Investment Banking with A Unique Philosophy

BellMark Partners - Senior Bankers

Our philosophy on investment banking is unique from other models.

We focus on long-term relationships and approach every assignment based on a client’s individual needs and circumstances. This means that we often invest a significant amount of time and resources working with a client prior to the execution of any transaction.

We often spend time working with clients on non-transaction related services, such as strategic alternatives reviews, corporate finance studies and general board level advice.

All of our deals are executed by senior-level investment bankers who have combined nearly 100 years of investment banking, corporate finance, and capital markets experience. Everyone from our firm has input on our transactions. We are a partnership and bring all of the resources of the firm to each assignment. Our Board of Advisors also brings a unique long-term perspective to our business with their backgrounds in private equity, entrepreneurship, operations, management, and philanthropy.