NEWPORT, NC – July 8, 2011 – Furthering its strategy to deliver the most comprehensive and diversified outdoor sports product offering, Ed Small, Chief Executive Officer of Big Rock Sports, LLC announced today that Big Rock has acquired PA Live Bait Vending. A leader in the live bait and tackle industry, PA Live Bait Vending operates out of Elverson, Pennsylvania and has been supplying and supporting 24 – hour vending machines for the fishing industry since 1997.

“This acquisition combines PA Live Bait Vending’s preeminent vending equipment with Big Rock’s unparalleled portfolio of products and services, resulting in more opportunities for our customers to fuel future growth within their businesses. With this transaction, we welcome and embrace PA Live Bait Vending’s customer – focused culture, which since 1997, has supported and supplied 24 – hour vending machines throughout the United States” said Ed Small.

PA Live Bait Vending President Gary Harsel will continue with Big Rock Sports, and will help Big Rock expand the 24 – hour vending concept into other product categories.

PA Live Bait Vending is committed to the betterment of the sporting goods industry by presenting Big Rock’s customers an opportunity to give the consumer the products they need 24 – hours a day, 7 days a week. Partnering with Big Rock Sports will provide the resources and capital necessary to bring new products and innovations to s porting goods retailers throughout North America.

Big Rock Sports was assisted in this transaction by BellMark Partners in Cleveland, Ohio. Big Rock Sports, LLC, is an outdoor sports wholesaler, service provider and business partner to the retail market. Big Rock Sports is international in scope, regional in focus and local in relationships. Big Rock services over 15,000 retailers internationally with a direct sales force who represent over 1,200 manufacturers.

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