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MD Technologies Inc

MD On‐Line, Inc. (MDOL), a leading provider of electronic healthcare solutions that leverage data to improve practice efficiency and industry connectivity, announced today that it has acquired MD Technologies Inc., a healthcare technology company based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In addition to a suite of revenue cycle management solutions, MD Technologies offers a robust practice management system, Medtopia ® Manager, a true Application Service Provider (ASP) practice management software solution spanning a broad range of provider specialties.MDOL President and CEO Bill Bartzak emphasized how the acquisition bolstered the Company’s already well ‐ established suite of innovative technology solutions, including its EMR offering, eChartEdge. “Providers are looking for the easiest way to make the transition to the 5010 and ICD ‐ 10 industry standards,” said Bartzak. “By offering a fully integrated suite of EDI, PMS, and EMR solutions, MD On-Line presents providers with an incredibly effective, stress ‐ free way to embrace all the technological changes accompanying healthcare reform today.”Bill Ellison, President and CEO of MD Technologies Inc., echoed Bartzak’s sentiments regarding the necessity of providing healthcare professionals with a user ‐ friendly solution to mandated reform. “Like MD On‐Line, MD Technologies has always prided itself on providing outstanding customer support,” said Ellison. “It is this shared passion, coupled with MD On‐Line’s reputation as an industry leader, that has led us to select MD On‐Line as the purveyor of our Medtopia product. We believe MD On‐Line to be the most effective way to deliver our product to healthcare professionals seeking to improve their practice efficiency while aligning themselves with the new industry standards.”

About MD On‐Line, Inc.

MD On‐Line, Inc. (MDOL), is a leading provider of electronic healthcare solutions that leverage data to improve practice efficiency and industry connectivity. Endorsed and co‐branded by more than 30 major insurers for practices of all sizes, MDOL applies its cloud‐based technology to optimize provider offices, improve the quality of patient care, and eliminate inefficiencies within our healthcare system. In addition to claims processing, MDOL also offers eligibility verification, claim status inquiries, and electronic remittance advice. Its solutions encompass a network of more than 2,000 payer organizations and are used by tens of thousands of healthcare providers nationwide. For more information, please visit

About MD Technologies Inc.

Headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, MD Technologies Inc., is a proven provider of healthcare technology and service solutions to physician practices. The company delivers products and services to a diverse client base in 8 states located throughout the nation. MD Technologies’ key product line is Medtopia® Manager, a suite of Internet‐based business applications and services designed for the healthcare industry. For more information, please visit

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